Debbie Vann is very knowledgeable in her field and has provided tremendous relief of my neck/shoulder/arm pain when other providers could not. She is professional and is accommodating with appointment scheduling. I highly recommend her.  B. Baker

Debbie is the only massage therapist I will visit. She is the absolute best at determining what your body needs and at what pressure. Wish I could see her more often. L. Richmond

This is kind of one of those things you don’t want to publish, because if the word gets out how good she is at giving a massage, I will never be able to get in for an appointment. No matter, Debbie is amazing!  M. Cochran

I get regular massages from Debbie, mostly for migraine maintenance. I enjoy working with her and definitely plan to continue my sessions. She is great! C. Petty

Debbie is great. I have been seeing her for over a year now on a consistent basis and have had great results. She has helped me with everything from recovering from a broken shoulder, acl surgery, and just plan relaxation. She is very in tune with your body and a great therapist. I would recommend her to anyone for any reason.   D. Moss

Debbie has helped my shoulder more in one visit than I have had over the past six months. I am extremely grateful. Patty E.

I came to Debbie as a “last resort” after trying physical therapy and chiropractic for many months of disk/nerve pain in the cervical, neck and arm areas. Debbie listened to my health history, put me at ease and went to work. After a few sessions, I started noticing a difference in my level of pain. Within a month, my worst nerve pain was gone. I have continued seeing Debbie for over two months now and I am noticing an improvement in overall joint pain. I respect Debbie’s level of clinical knowledge and am very grateful for her efforts to give me a better quality of life. Massage is no longer a “last resort” for me! Thank you, Debbie! BB

I highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a great massage in a good environment. She is a key component of my long-term plan for health and wellness.   B. Wilford

Debbie Vann is a pro at her art. She communicates well to give you exactly what you need on a customized basis. The value of her experience shows up in the variety of techniques available to relax and rejuvenate the body.”

Deb has the hands of a great healer. You can feel the energy of the masters in her work. I have experienced a great deal of body work in my life time and by far she is the most outstanding! I cannot stop recommending her to everyone. Of those who have experienced her; the accolades are piling up. My first reaction to her body work: she defies verbal clarity! Applause Applause Applause !!!!!      Betty Borsukoff

Debbie is a great listener.  She has been attentive to what I describe with injury recovery and muscle soreness/tightness.  There have been times when I direct her to an area of muscle tightness, but she is able to listen instead to the muscles and identify another area that triggered what I described.  Debbie’s massages are deep enough to be therapeutic yet gentle enough to be relaxing.  E.S.

My massage was excellent! When getting a massage my first priority has always been to address the knots/tension in my shoulders and upper back. Second priority is relaxation. In all my previous massages, I have never had anyone use the amount of pressure and dedication to working on my first priority. I actually expected to be sore the next day and was surprisingly not (but it would have totally been worth it if I was!). I am used to more of a luxury/spa atmosphere, but would exchange that for the quality of massage that I received from you any day. I just wish I would have purchased more at the promotional price!  Leslie Scoutten

“I started coming to Debbie in March 2011. I was experiencing severe hip and back pain. I was walking with a cane, dealing with increased depression from being immobile, had rheumatoid arthritis, had gained weight and at the age of 66 felt hopeless.” “I had hip replacement surgery in July 07 and was never free from pain since then. The problem was not the hip replacement but the muscles attached to the hip that continued to give me pain. We started deep tissue massage and although it was very painful for a few sessions, it gave me the greatest relief from the hip/back pain. In May, we then started weekly 90 minute sessions, doing a combination of deep tissue and relaxation to bring my body back into balance.” “Right before seeing Debbie in March, I was on the verge of calling the orthopedic surgeon to see what could be done surgically. I’m so thankful that I didn’t. By May I was no longer walking with the cane and began an exercise and nutrition program.” “To date (August 2011) I have lost 66 lbs in 4 ½ months, no longer need a cane, joined a gym working with a trainer, am not in a depressed state anymore, on a nutrition program and eating healthy, and have come off some meds for depression. Even my arthritis is so much better and I hardly ever have any pain.” “Massage relieved me from the pain and that allowed me to do the other things to benefit my life and become normal again. My life has totally changed for the better forever!” “Debbie is very serious in her work, and loves what she does. Her intention, combined with her knowledge and passion to help people has contributed in getting me to where I am now.” “I know my life is better than it has been in at least 6 yrs and am looking forward to seeing what the future has in store. I am confident again in myself, more outgoing and friendly because I feel good. I’m not afraid to take challenges and push myself to be better. I know God orchestrated all the right people and circumstances to get me to this point and I am eternally grateful.” – Loretta

“I started on my pathway to wellness in March 2010. My sister had recommended a massage therapist that she had found that she said was amazing and I happened to be in the market for a great therapist since I hadn’t found one that was 1) wonderful and helpful and 2) affordable, so I decided to go with my sister’s recommendation.” “I started seeing Debbie and honestly didn’t know what to expect. Afterall, one always gets recommendations of people who are supposed to be “wonderful” and then they may or may not live up to the expectations; however, Debbie was different. Right off the bat, Debbie really cared about my pain and my quality of life and was genuinely concerned about me.” “I have now been seeing Debbie for a year and a half and I consider her my God send. I had a car accident in 2004, which has given me chronic neck and back issues. Debbie not only works on me and helps me feel better, she goes above and beyond to help me to help myself by making recommendations and seeing that I follow through with those recommendations i.e., reading books, exercising, using different tools like kinesiotape, stretching, etc. Debbie is invested in me as a person, not as a money maker.” “I know that if I ever need Debbie, whether that is on a weekend or on a day that we are not scheduled to meet, she will do all that she can to accommodate me. Just recently, I had an appointment scheduled with her but I didn’t feel well due to my neck which gave me a bad headache. Instead of canceling my appointment or having me drive to her, she packed up her things and came to my house just to help me feel better. Again, Debbie is invested in me and my quality of life.” “I do not know what I would do without Ms. Debbie Vann and I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, caring and talented person in my life. If you need a great massage therapist and so much more, I highly recommend letting Ms. Vann into your life. She certainly has changed my life for the better.” – Emily Rowton

Debbie Vann, have been very instrumental in helping my pain level from stress and fibromyalgia.” “I have experienced stress from working at a computer all day as an administrative assistant and Debbie has helped me to learn better posture as well as exercises that assist in the shoulder pain between massages. The fibromyalgia typically causes great fatigue, however, since going to Pathways of Wellness, I do not have episodes as often or as severe.” “Anytime I see Debbie and make her aware of some particular discomfort, she is great to research it and then follow through on particular techniques that will be beneficial.” “When I go simply for relaxation, I actually fall asleep because Debbie has such a comforting, gentle touch.” – Lynn

“I went to Debbie Vann  for a massage and was deeply touched by the experience. I have been living and in treatment for breast cancer for the past year. Every time my body has been touched, it has been prodded, poked with a needle or sliced on. I was reluctant to have anyone lay their hands on me. Within 5 minutes of her massage, my body felt, for the first time in a long time, like I was in heaven. All of my senses were awakened, I felt so refreshed and warm. It was as if God himself put this angel down next to me to remind me of the wonderful feelings my body can feel. I feel the connection she instigates between the mind, body and spirit is priceless. You truly have to experience it to understand it!” – Cancer Survivor in Nashville,TN

“Like many professionals, I spend many days in front of a computer all day. I got a series of massages with Debbie and I feel like she was able to reverse months of tension. The massage packages are extremely affordable and I highly recommend Debbie’s services.” – Leigh Ann Roberts, Attorney-Mediator.

“First morning in a long time that I woke up pain free ... thanks!” LB

“Debbie is awesome! I had neck pain from a very long bicycle ride. She massaged away the tightness and pain. Debbie has “magic fingers” and my full body massage experience with her was positive. I will be going for more full body massages with Debbie.” – Carolyn

“Massage therapy is not a luxury for me, but more of a necessity. As a person who has a high stress job and frequent stress headaches and migraines, massages with Debbie are vital for keeping me in balance. I know my quality of life wouldn’t be near what it is without regular massage therapy.” – Dr. Rebecca Welch

“Debbie has such a warm touch – she puts you at ease as soon as she touches you. She can give you a relaxing massage or she can do the really deep tissue massage. She is always very concerned about your overall health and what your needs are at that particular moment. She has done wonders for a whiplash injury by consistently working on the area. I look forward to continuing the relationship and seeing what other things she can help me with through massage.” – LR

“Deb is a knowledgeable and intuitive massage therapist who understands healing through massage. She shares her scientific knowledge of the body with the client to make sure they understand the plan and that they have the best possible experience. She is fantastic!” – Joy

“Debbie is truly gifted. I have had tried a lot of massage therapists and will recommend Debbie to all my friends. The benefits of her session stayed with me for many days and her sensitivity to past injuries was excellent.” – LA