Recovery tips for Country Music Marathon

Running or walking  in the  Country Music Marathon? Here are some recovery tips.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to do what we ask it to do. Completely a ½ or full marathon takes a lot of training and endurance. Our muscles contract and perform through a series of chemical reactions in the body. When the muscle is overused beyond it’s normal limits (whatever normal limit is for you), there are chemical reactions, microscopic tears, trauma and inflammation to the muscle. All of this causes soreness in the muscle. Your body also has an amazing ability to heal itself, here are a few holistic remedy’s to help that process.

Epsom Salt bath – Epsom salt contains magnesium which reduces inflammation and reduces pain. Pour two cups of Epsom salts into a warm bath and soak.

Stretching – stretching is your friend. Because you have micro tears to the muscles, you want to stretch with caution and listen to your body. When doing a stretch, pull to tension, hold for 3 seconds and release. Repeat the stretch and you should be able to stretch a little farther each time until you feel the muscle relax. Here are pictures of several stretches

Breathing – when we are in pain, we tend to do a lot of shallow breathing. You want long deep breaths to supply oxygen to those sore muscles.

Easy walk – although rest is good for the body for recovery, you don’t want to just be lazy today. Your friend today is movement. Go for an easy walk. Your body has been recovery during last night’s sleep and moving toxins(chemical irritants) out of the muscles and dumped them into your lymph system. Walking helps move lymph through your system faster.

Ice/BioFreeze – if you have an injury, ice will help reduce inflammation and swelling. Ice for 15 -20 minutes per hour. If you can stand a lower body ice bath that is even better.  BioFreeze is a product that is great for muscle, joint pain.

Water – drink lots of water today to help flush toxins through your lymph system.

Eat really well – lots of veggies and fruits will supply nutrients and vitamins to replenish low levels.

Massage – relaxing massage helps flush toxins, helps reduce muscle soreness, moves lymph and gives the body a sense of calm and well being.

Be Nice to yourself – you just accomplished an amazing challenge. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Instead of thinking about the pain today, think about how empowered you felt crossing that finish line and how you can accomplish anything in your life that you put your mind to. The muscle soreness is temporary, but the mental clarity and resolve can stay with you for a lifetime.

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